NFT: Hyperrealism Drawing Silver Bow

I am excited to mint my first ever NFT. Having attended the IBEX Insiders Workshops and artists salons hosted by art collector David Wilson, David and my fellow Insiders inspired me to explore the futurist world of nft’s. I am a traditional artist working primarily in oil paint. Prior to having an artist studio, when oil painting was impractical, I created my realistic art in dry, home friendly, mixed media materials including coloured pencil and markers on thick grey card. This drawing was created in the first few months of the new studio. It bridged the divide between my old world of dry media drawing and the new opportunity to create art in oils. I guess oil painting was the gold medal I aspired to, where dry material drawing was the silver prize that kept my skills sharp in the interim.

The NFT is a gif of my hyperrealism drawing “Silver Bow” with the subject matter in the foreground moved to reveal the drawing, propped on an easel in the background. This is my largest drawing to date measuring 55 x 65cm. The art collector who purchases the NFT will also have the original artwork shipped to them. If you would like to learn more about this piece you can reach out to and I’d be happy to talk about the art with you.